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Symbol Server Proxy

If the symstore proxy is enabled, Symbolicator also acts as a symbol proxy. This means that all configured sources are probed for symbol queries below the /symbols prefix. The path following this prefix needs to be a valid SSQP query.


$ curl -IL http://localhost:3021/symbols/wkernel32.pdb/ff9f9f7841db88f0cdeda9e1e9bff3b51/wkernel32.pdb
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
content-length: 846848
content-type: application/octet-stream
date: Fri, 19 Apr 2019 22:47:54 GMT

When fetching ELF or MachO symbols the filename can be largely omitted (non extension can be substituted with an underscore) when a configured backend uses the "native" directory format. In simple terms this means that /symbols/_/elf-buildid-180a373d6afbabf0eb1f09be1bc45bd796a71085/_ is a valid query for an ELF executable and /symbols/_.debug/elf-buildid-sym-180a373d6afbabf0eb1f09be1bc45bd796a71085/_.debug is a valid query for an ELF debug symbol.