Symbolicator is a standalone service that resolves function names, file location and source context in native stack traces. It can process Minidumps and Apple Crash Reports. Additionally, Symbolicator can act as a proxy to symbol servers supporting multiple formats, such as Microsoft's symbol server or Breakpad symbol repositories.


Start the server with:

$ symbolicator run -c config.yml

The configuration file can be omitted. Symbolicator will run with default settings in this case.


Write this to a file (config.yml):

cache_dir: "/tmp/symbolicator"
bind: ""
  level: "info"
  format: "pretty"
  enable_backtraces: true
  statsd: ""
  prefix: "symbolicator"
  • cache_dir: Path to a directory to cache downloaded files and symbolication caches. Defaults to /data inside Docker which is already defined as a persistent volume, and null otherwise, which disables caching. It is strictly recommended to configure caches in production!
  • bind: Host and port for HTTP interface.
  • logging: Command line logging behavior.
    • level: Log level, defaults to info. Can be one of off, error, warn, info, debug, or trace.
    • format: The format with which to print logs. Defaults to auto. Can be one of: json, simplified, pretty, or auto (pretty on console, simplified on tty).
    • enable_backtraces: Whether backtraces for errors should be computed. This causes a slight performance hit but improves debuggability. Defaults to true.
  • metrics: Configure a statsd server to send metrics to.
    • statsd: The host and port to send metrics to. Defaults to null, which disables metric submission.
    • prefix: A prefix for every metric, defaults to symbolicator.
  • sentry_dsn: DSN to a Sentry project for internal error reporting. Defaults to null, which disables reporting to Sentry.
  • sources: An optional list of preconfigured sources. If these are configured they will be used as default sources for symbolication requests and they will be proxied by the symbol proxy if enabled. The format for the sources here matches the sources in the HTTP API.
  • symstore_proxy: Enables or disables the symstore proxy mode. Creates an endpoint to download raw symbols from configured sources Symbolicator as if it were a symstore (Microsoft Symbol Server) compatible server. Defaults to true.
  • connect_to_reserved_ips: Allow reserved IP addresses for requests to sources. See Security. Defaults to false.


By default, Symbolicator does not try to download debug files from reserved IP ranges. This ensures that no unintended connections are made to internal systems when source configuration is passed in from an untrusted source.

To allow internal connections, set connect_to_reserved_ips to true.

An exception from this rule is the "sentry" source type. Sentry is expected to run within the same network as Symbolicator, which is why it is exempt by default.