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Source Bundles

Symbolicator supports the concept of source bundles. These are zip archives containing source code that goes along debug information files. These archives can be created with the sentry-cli tool as well as symsorter and are also supported by the underlying symbolic library.

Source bundles are ZIP archives with a well-defined internal structure. Most importantly, they contain source files in a nested directory structure. Additionally, there is meta data associated to every source file, which allows to store additional properties, such as the original file system path, a web URL, and custom headers.

The source bundle is a regular ZIP archive but has a special header prepended to identify it uniquely as source bundle.

The header is in little endian:

BUNDLE_MAGIC:    [u8; 4]

The bundle magic is always ASCII "SYSB" (symbolic source bundle)


The internal structure is as follows:



The manifest is a JSON file with the following structure:

  "files": {
    "path/in/bundle": {
      "type": "source",
      "path": "original/file/name",
  "code_id": "CODE_ID",
  "debug_id": "DEBUG_ID",
  "object_name": "OBJECT_NAME",
  "arch": "ARCHITECTURE"

The attributes must match the attributes of the debug information file (.pdb, or DWARF file) that goes along with it.

Example Manifest:

  "files": {
    "files/actix-web-0.7.19/src/server/": {
  "arch": "x86_64",
  "code_id": "f53af9062b83bc3b6dfd27a46912605f23e874de",
  "debug_id": "06f93af5-832b-3bbc-6dfd-27a46912605f",
  "object_name": "relay"

In this case the source file needs to be stored in the following location in the bundle: files/actix-web-0.7.19/src/server/