Metadata about a captured exception, intended to provide a hint as to the means by which it was captured.


  • Mechanism


data?: {
    [key: string]: string | boolean;

Arbitrary data to be associated with the mechanism (for example, errors coming from event handlers include the handler name and the event target. Will show up in the UI directly above the stacktrace.

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: string | boolean
handled: boolean

In theory, whether or not the exception has been handled by the user. In practice, whether or not we see it before it hits the global error/rejection handlers, whether through explicit handling by the user or auto instrumentation. Converted to a tag on ingest and used in various ways in the UI.

synthetic?: boolean

True when captureException is called with anything other than an instance of Error (or, in the case of browser, an instance of ErrorEvent, DOMError, or DOMException). causing us to create a synthetic error in an attempt to recreate the stacktrace.

type: string

For now, restricted to onerror, onunhandledrejection (both obvious), instrument (the result of auto-instrumentation), and generic (everything else). Converted to a tag on ingest.

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