The status of an Span.


Use string literals - if you require type casting, cast to SpanStatusType type

Enumeration Members

Aborted: "aborted"

The operation was aborted, typically due to a concurrency issue.

AlreadyExists: "already_exists"

Already exists (409)

Cancelled: "cancelled"

The operation was cancelled (typically by the user).

DataLoss: "data_loss"

Unrecoverable data loss or corruption

DeadlineExceeded: "deadline_exceeded"

Deadline expired before operation could complete.

FailedPrecondition: "failed_precondition"

Operation was rejected because the system is not in a state required for the operation's

InternalError: "internal_error"

Other/generic 5xx.

InvalidArgument: "invalid_argument"

Client specified an invalid argument. 4xx.

NotFound: "not_found"

404 Not Found. Some requested entity (file or directory) was not found.

Ok: "ok"

The operation completed successfully.

OutOfRange: "out_of_range"

Operation was attempted past the valid range.

PermissionDenied: "permission_denied"

403 Forbidden

ResourceExhausted: "resource_exhausted"

429 Too Many Requests

Unauthenticated: "unauthenticated"

401 Unauthorized (actually does mean unauthenticated according to RFC 7235)

Unavailable: "unavailable"

503 Service Unavailable

Unimplemented: "unimplemented"

501 Not Implemented

UnknownError: "unknown_error"

Unknown. Any non-standard HTTP status code.

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