The main replay integration class, to be passed to init({ integrations: [] }).


  • Replay



name: string

Returns id

id: string

Inherit Doc


  • get _isInitialized(): boolean
  • If replay has already been initialized

    Returns boolean

  • set _isInitialized(value): void
  • Update _isInitialized


    • value: boolean

    Returns void


  • Initializes replay.

    Returns void

  • If not in "session" recording mode, flush event buffer which will create a new replay. Unless continueRecording is false, the replay will continue to record and behave as a "session"-based replay.

    Otherwise, queue up a flush.


    • Optional options: SendBufferedReplayOptions

    Returns Promise<void>

  • Get the current session ID.

    Returns undefined | string

  • Setup and initialize replay container

    Returns void

  • Start a replay regardless of sampling rate. Calling this will always create a new session. Will throw an error if replay is already in progress.

    Creates or loads a session, attaches listeners to varying events (DOM, PerformanceObserver, Recording, Sentry SDK, etc)

    Returns void

  • Start replay buffering. Buffers until flush() is called or, if replaysOnErrorSampleRate > 0, until an error occurs.

    Returns void

  • Currently, this needs to be manually called (e.g. for tests). Sentry SDK does not support a teardown

    Returns Promise<void>

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