Package io.sentry

Class Baggage


@Experimental public final class Baggage extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • Baggage

      @Internal public Baggage(@NotNull @NotNull ILogger logger)
    • Baggage

      @Internal public Baggage(@NotNull @NotNull Baggage baggage)
    • Baggage

      @Internal public Baggage(@NotNull @NotNull Map<String,String> keyValues, @Nullable @Nullable String thirdPartyHeader, boolean isMutable, @NotNull @NotNull ILogger logger)
  • Method Details

    • fromHeader

      @NotNull public static @NotNull Baggage fromHeader(@Nullable @Nullable String headerValue)
    • fromHeader

      @NotNull public static @NotNull Baggage fromHeader(@Nullable @Nullable List<String> headerValues)
    • fromHeader

      @Internal @NotNull public static @NotNull Baggage fromHeader(String headerValue, @NotNull @NotNull ILogger logger)
    • fromHeader

      @Internal @NotNull public static @NotNull Baggage fromHeader(@Nullable @Nullable List<String> headerValues, @NotNull @NotNull ILogger logger)
    • fromHeader

      @Internal @NotNull public static @NotNull Baggage fromHeader(@Nullable @Nullable List<String> headerValues, boolean includeThirdPartyValues, @NotNull @NotNull ILogger logger)
    • fromHeader

      @Internal @NotNull public static @NotNull Baggage fromHeader(@Nullable @Nullable String headerValue, boolean includeThirdPartyValues, @NotNull @NotNull ILogger logger)
    • fromEvent

      @Internal @NotNull public static @NotNull Baggage fromEvent(@NotNull @NotNull SentryEvent event, @NotNull @NotNull SentryOptions options)
    • freeze

      @Internal public void freeze()
    • isMutable

      @Internal public boolean isMutable()
    • getThirdPartyHeader

      @Nullable public @Nullable String getThirdPartyHeader()
    • toHeaderString

      @NotNull public @NotNull String toHeaderString(@Nullable @Nullable String thirdPartyBaggageHeaderString)
    • get

      @Internal @Nullable public @Nullable String get(@Nullable @Nullable String key)
    • getTraceId

      @Internal @Nullable public @Nullable String getTraceId()
    • setTraceId

      @Internal public void setTraceId(@Nullable @Nullable String traceId)
    • getPublicKey

      @Internal @Nullable public @Nullable String getPublicKey()
    • setPublicKey

      @Internal public void setPublicKey(@Nullable @Nullable String publicKey)
    • getEnvironment

      @Internal @Nullable public @Nullable String getEnvironment()
    • setEnvironment

      @Internal public void setEnvironment(@Nullable @Nullable String environment)
    • getRelease

      @Internal @Nullable public @Nullable String getRelease()
    • setRelease

      @Internal public void setRelease(@Nullable @Nullable String release)
    • getUserId

      @Internal @Nullable public @Nullable String getUserId()
    • setUserId

      @Internal public void setUserId(@Nullable @Nullable String userId)
    • getUserSegment

      @Deprecated @Internal @Nullable public @Nullable String getUserSegment()
      has no effect and will be removed in the next major update.
    • setUserSegment

      @Deprecated @Internal public void setUserSegment(@Nullable @Nullable String userSegment)
      has no effect and will be removed in the next major update.
    • getTransaction

      @Internal @Nullable public @Nullable String getTransaction()
    • setTransaction

      @Internal public void setTransaction(@Nullable @Nullable String transaction)
    • getSampleRate

      @Internal @Nullable public @Nullable String getSampleRate()
    • getSampled

      @Internal @Nullable public @Nullable String getSampled()
    • setSampleRate

      @Internal public void setSampleRate(@Nullable @Nullable String sampleRate)
    • setSampled

      @Internal public void setSampled(@Nullable @Nullable String sampled)
    • getReplayId

      @Internal @Nullable public @Nullable String getReplayId()
    • setReplayId

      @Internal public void setReplayId(@Nullable @Nullable String replayId)
    • set

      @Internal public void set(@NotNull @NotNull String key, @Nullable @Nullable String value)
    • getUnknown

      @Internal @NotNull public @NotNull Map<String,Object> getUnknown()
    • setValuesFromTransaction

      @Internal public void setValuesFromTransaction(@NotNull @NotNull ITransaction transaction, @Nullable @Nullable User user, @Nullable @Nullable SentryId replayId, @NotNull @NotNull SentryOptions sentryOptions, @Nullable @Nullable TracesSamplingDecision samplingDecision)
    • setValuesFromScope

      @Internal public void setValuesFromScope(@NotNull @NotNull IScope scope, @NotNull @NotNull SentryOptions options)
    • getSampleRateDouble

      @Internal @Nullable public @Nullable Double getSampleRateDouble()
    • toTraceContext

      @Internal @Nullable public @Nullable TraceContext toTraceContext()