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Relay is a standalone service for scrubbing personal information and improving event submission response time. It acts as a middle layer between your application and For information on setting up Relay in front of Sentry, see:

Relay documentation

Event Ingestion

Relay is also the primary event ingestion system at Sentry. When compiled with the processing feature and configured for ingestion, Relay ships functionality for:

  • Acknowledging and handling web requests on store endpoints
  • Applying rate limits and inbound data filters
  • Data scrubbing of event payloads and attachments
  • Validation and normalization of malformed or outdated data
  • Forwarding of all information into the event processing pipeline

Feature Flags

  • ssl (default): Enables SSL support using native-tls.
  • processing: Includes event ingestion and processing functionality. This should only be specified when compiling Relay as Sentry service. Standalone Relays do not need this feature.

Workspace Crates

Relay is split into the following workspace crates:


Complementary to the Relay binary, the workspace contains a set of tools to interface with some of Relay’s functionality or to export information:


cli 🔒
cliapp 🔒
setup 🔒
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