Crate document_metrics

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  • Adds a line to the string if the attribute is a doc attribute.
  • Adds the name of the feature if the given attribute is a cfg(feature) attribute.
  • Resolves match arms in the implementation of the name method.
  • get_attr 🔒
    Returns the value of a matching attribute in form #[name = "value"].
  • Returns the variant name and string value of a match arm in format Type::Variant => "value".
  • Returns the metric type of a trait implementation.
  • Returns the final type name from a path in format path::to::Type.
  • Returns the type name of a type in format path::to::Type.
  • main 🔒
  • Parses metrics information from an impl block.
  • Parses metrics from the given source code.
  • Returns metric information from metric enum variant attributes.