Package io.sentry

Interface IScopeObserver

All Known Implementing Classes:
PersistingScopeObserver, ScopeObserverAdapter

public interface IScopeObserver
A Scope observer that tracks changes on Scope. All methods are "default", so implementors can subscribe to only those properties, that they are interested in.
  • Method Details

    • setUser

      void setUser(@Nullable @Nullable User user)
    • addBreadcrumb

      void addBreadcrumb(@NotNull @NotNull Breadcrumb crumb)
    • setBreadcrumbs

      void setBreadcrumbs(@NotNull @NotNull Collection<Breadcrumb> breadcrumbs)
    • setTag

      void setTag(@NotNull @NotNull String key, @NotNull @NotNull String value)
    • removeTag

      void removeTag(@NotNull @NotNull String key)
    • setTags

      void setTags(@NotNull @NotNull Map<String,@NotNull String> tags)
    • setExtra

      void setExtra(@NotNull @NotNull String key, @NotNull @NotNull String value)
    • removeExtra

      void removeExtra(@NotNull @NotNull String key)
    • setExtras

      void setExtras(@NotNull @NotNull Map<String,@NotNull Object> extras)
    • setRequest

      void setRequest(@Nullable @Nullable Request request)
    • setFingerprint

      void setFingerprint(@NotNull @NotNull Collection<String> fingerprint)
    • setLevel

      void setLevel(@Nullable @Nullable SentryLevel level)
    • setContexts

      void setContexts(@NotNull @NotNull Contexts contexts)
    • setTransaction

      void setTransaction(@Nullable @Nullable String transaction)
    • setTrace

      void setTrace(@Nullable @Nullable SpanContext spanContext)