Package io.sentry

Interface IOptionsObserver

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public interface IOptionsObserver
A SentryOptions observer that tracks changes of SentryOptions. All methods are "default", so implementors can subscribe to only those properties, that they are interested in.
  • Method Details

    • setRelease

      void setRelease(@Nullable @Nullable String release)
    • setProguardUuid

      void setProguardUuid(@Nullable @Nullable String proguardUuid)
    • setSdkVersion

      void setSdkVersion(@Nullable @Nullable SdkVersion sdkVersion)
    • setEnvironment

      void setEnvironment(@Nullable @Nullable String environment)
    • setDist

      void setDist(@Nullable @Nullable String dist)
    • setTags

      void setTags(@NotNull @NotNull Map<String,@NotNull String> tags)