SDK for generating SnQL queries for Snuba

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Snuba SDK is a tool that allows requests to Snuba to be built programatically. A Request consists of a Query, the dataset the Query is targeting, the AppID of the Request, and any flags for the Request. A Query object is a code representation of a SnQL query, and has a number of attributes corresponding to different parts of the query.

Requests and Queries can be created directly:

request = Request(
    dataset = "discover",
    app_id = "myappid",
    tenant_ids = {"referrer": "my_referrer", "organization_id": 1234}
    query = Query(
            Function("uniq", [Column("event_id")], "uniq_events"),
            Condition(Column("timestamp"), Op.GT, datetime.datetime(2021, 1, 1)),
            Condition(Column("project_id"), Op.IN, Function("tuple", [1, 2, 3])),
    flags = Flags(debug=True)

Queries can also be built incrementally:

query = (
    Query("discover", Entity("events"))
        [Column("title"), Function("uniq", [Column("event_id")], "uniq_events")]
            Condition(Column("timestamp"), Op.GT, datetime.datetime.(2021, 1, 1)),
            Condition(Column("project_id"), Op.IN, Function("tuple", [1, 2, 3])),

Once the request is built, it can be translated into a Snuba request that can be sent to Snuba.

# Outputs a formatted Snuba request

It can also be printed in a more human readable format.

# Outputs a formatted Snuba request

This outputs:

    "dataset": "discover",
    "app_id": "myappid",
    "query": "MATCH (events) SELECT title, uniq(event_id) AS uniq_events BY title WHERE timestamp > toDateTime('2021-01-01T00:00:00.000000') AND project_id IN tuple(1, 2, 3) LIMIT 10 OFFSET 0 GRANULARITY 3600",
    "debug": true

If an expression in the query is invalid (e.g. Column(1)) then an InvalidExpressionError exception will be thrown. If there is a problem with a query, it will throw an InvalidQueryError exception when .validate() or .translate() is called. If there is a problem with the Request or the Flags, an InvalidRequestError or InvalidFlagError will be thrown respectively.

Contributing to the SDK

Please refer to CONTRIBUTING.rst.


Licensed under MIT, see LICENSE.

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